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Jack Aubert

My first Reiki experience was in the early 1980’s while at a business seminar. During one of the lunch breaks I noticed that a woman who joined the table picked up a very sad looking single stem rose bud in the center of our table, it had wilted and drooped so that it hung with the petals facing the table top and yet the bud was young enough that it had not opened up yet. She picked it up, placed it in front of her and then put her hands around it. I asked what she was doing and she said Reiki and left her answer at that. I watched her for the next 5 minutes while she did this “reiki” stuff. When she was done she placed the same sad rose back to the center of the table only now the rose was now upright and had started to open up and looked like a rose out of a picture perfect florist’s window. Now I thought that this was something as a rose has no belief system and no brain to make any kind of judgment, so once more I asked her what she did and what was Reiki, this was how I came to learn of the Reverend Beth Gray.






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